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Kit Abc Sew me big doll

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pre sewn hair
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The ABC Sew Me Big Doll kit allows you to make a 42 cm doll, it is a semi-kit and can be made even without a sewing machine (by choosing the pre-sewn hair option). The kit includes in a pretty organic cotton printed bag: pre-sewn arms and legs and a rectangle for the head in organic cotton jersey, organic carded wool for the stuffing, two balls of mohair pre-sewn or not for the hair, tubular cotton and thick thread for the modelling of the head, embroidery threads for the face, instructions on two posters and a memento card with diagrams and illustrations by Lucille Michieli, page layout and graphic illustrations by Audrey Bozzetto Sewing threads in the colour of the skin and hair, sewing needles and scissors are not included. This is available in French, English and Japanese. You must select the language of your choice.

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