Dolls made by hand in an artisanal way

"Each doll is truly unique because it is hand shaped and hand sewn. Some are rounder or shyer, others are more cheerful and petite. Their little feet and hands, mouths and eyes are never really the same either. It is this handwork, with its little dots here, or there that I take so much pleasure in making. "

Once upon a time, there was a doll that was lovingly sewn from simple, natural materials like cotton and wool.
Once upon a time there was a doll that could laugh or cry just when you looked at it because I drew a simple face for it. When I sew the doll's face it's a bit like drawing it: a few strokes and it's there as you imagine it.

Natural, organic materials

The choice of materials I use to create my dolls is made as if I were borrowing from Mother Nature what she offers to our eyes during a nice walk. And then there is the desire to contribute to a less polluted planet where objects would always be repairable, recyclable and made as naturally as possible.
So I chose an organic cotton jersey for the dolls' skin, virgin wool for the stuffing, mohair for the hair and cotton threads to embroider the eyes and mouth. I want the doll to always have that soft, warm touch, which it will offer to the child who holds it.  

An origin: Waldorf dolls

Based on Waldorf Steiner pedagogy, the doll with a simple face stimulates the child's imagination and offers the soft and warm contact of natural and organic materials. The child can identify with the doll, which is a useful toy and a pedagogical tool for his development and well-being. Soothing for the little one, it is also respectful of nature and the environment. 

made in france