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Aki tabouret bas


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Aki est en bois, fabriqué aux Pays-bas artisanalement par Woodchuck. Il peut servir de table basse, petit chevet, tabouret bas, petit banc pour les enfants etc...Son design épuré le rend adaptable à tous les intérieurs. Il se monte à la main sans clou ni vis très simplement et est livré dans un grand sac en coton avec son petit flacon de cire d'abeille si l'on veut le protéger. Dimensions 60x34x29cm.

This short stool is multifunctional, practical and very goodlooking.
Use can use it as a step or as a sidetable by your bed or the couch.
This piece of furniture is made out of a pine plywood and is untreated.
AKI is easy to assemble and comes with a linnen bag so you can take it with you when you go to the beach, park or whatever. It also comes with a jar of natural beeswax. AKI comes untreated and if you wish you can put the beeswax on it to protect it against stains, this way AKI will keep its natural look.
Every AKI is handmade and has a serial number and is stamped.

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85,00 €