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Doudou bouillotte éléphant


Natural elephant plush. Size: 25 cmMaterial: 100% organic cotton / cherry pits / wool Senger Naturwelt has created this adorable elephant to accompany your children in good and bad times. Inside the elephant is a small cotton bag filled with cherry pits (which have been cleaned but not treated). The cherry pit is a 100% natural product and keeps the temperature for a very long time, in a total respect of the environment. When your child is sick, this pretty plush can come and comfort him. All Senger plush toys are handmade in Germany and can be used cold to soothe your child after a fall, for example. How to use your elephant:As a hot water bottle, heat the bag on a radiator or in the oven for about 10 minutes at 75°C.BE CAREFUL NOT TO USE ON A MICROWAVE, NOR ON A CHILD UNDER TWO MONTHS OF AGE.As a cold version, place your core bag in the freezer for about 30 minutes.Always check the temperature before giving it to your child. All Senger cuddly toys are made in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way and comply with the current CE standards.

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