Book The Nature of Play


A beautiful book by Fanny & Alexander.  Suggesting an antidote to our era of ever-present screens and passive play, our new book, The Nature of Play, offers simple, seasonal activities encouraging children (and the adults who love them) to play with and among nature – whether they live among skyscrapers or fields.

In these 44 seasonal activities, banish boredom by:

  • Learning how to find your way using nature’s signs
  • Making a fire – and then cooking delicious food over it
  • Going stargazing and spotting constellations
  • Creating a beautiful mobile to celebrate the seasons
  • Hosting a special summertime party
  • Tuning up your bike

We’ve got all the inspiration you need to explore, discover, learn and make incredible new things, wherever you live and whatever your experience, using only a few materials and your own imagination and ingenuity – all year long.

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